Au Sable Point Lighthouse
Built in 1874 on the AuSable Point in the Upper Peninsula. It has a conical light with a brick home attached. The AuSable Point Light stands 87 feet tall and is currently under renovation by the National Park Service. It is still open for summer tours. It may be necessary to hike the last mile or so due to the condition of the seasonal road.


Grand Island East Channel Lighthouse
The East Channel Lighthouse started operation in 1867 and warned incoming vessels of the narrow passage into Munising Bay. This lighthouse is one of the most photographed lighthouses on the Great Lakes as two local boat tour companies navigate pass it. 

  • Status: Deactivated 1969
  • Access: Private / No Access



Grand Island West Channel Light
Also called the Christmas Lighthouse and "End of the Road Lighthouse", it was established in 1914, and is made of cast iron in the conical shape. This light replaced an older wood tower from 1868.


Grand Island North Lighthouse
Situated atop a 175 foot cliff on Grand Island's north end, this lighthouse has been identified as the highest lighthouse above sea level in the United States.  Originally built of wood in 1856, the original lighthouse was replaced with the current brick lighthouse in 1867.

  • Status: Deactivated 1961
  • Access: Private / No Access


Munising Range Lights

The Munising Range Lights were built in 1908 to aid vessels navigating through the narrow channel east of Grand Island into the main harbor of South Bay, often referred to as Munising Bay.