Along the southern shore of Lake Superior, in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, one thing is certain; all things flow to "Gitche Gumee", Longfellow's interpretation of the Ojibwa name for Lake Superior in The Song of Hiawatha. Couple this flow of water with rugged terrain, and you will understand why Alger County is scattered with incredible waterfalls.


Whitefish Falls
Whitefish Falls is a waterfall gem that often gets overlooked when visiting the Upper Peninsula.

  • Water Source: Whitefish River
  • Coordinates: 46.218, -87.0505


Laughing Whitefish Falls
Laughing Whitefish Falls is one of Michigans best waterfalls, where its namesake stream plunges over a lip and then cascades down literally hundreds of tiny stairstep ledges of a bulbous layered sandstone formation.

  • Height: 100ft
  • Water Source: Laughing Whitefish River
  • Coordinates:  46.3837, -87.0689


Rock River Falls
This wild waterfall is hidden in the Rock River Wilderness Area north of Chatham. Reaching it will require you to drive down some old logging roads and hike a mile or two along some ill defined trails, but if you are looking for a good waterfall adventure it is worth it.

  • Height: 20ft
  • Water Source: Rock River
  • Coordinates:  46.4113, -86.9759



Au Train Falls
A pair of waterfalls conveniently located right off the highway between Munising and Laughing Whitefish Falls.

  • Height: 30ft
  • Water Source: Au Train River
  • Coordinates:  46.33591, -86.85110


Scott Falls
Scott Falls is a small roadside waterfall. It is 10 miles west of Munising on M-28. The falls is a single 10 foot drop. There is a small park by the falls. Even on a rainy day in the spring the falls does not have a lot of water. 

  • Height: 12ft
  • Water Source: Scott Creek
  • Coordinates: 46.4378, -86.814


Wagner Falls
Wagner Falls is located south of Munising, on the east side of MI-94 just south of the MI-28 MI-94 junction. It has its own state park. There is small parking area and a sign. A short boardwalk leads to the falls. It is a pleasant walk and a pretty waterfall. 

  • Height: 20ft
  • Water Source: Wagner Creek
  • Coordinates:  46.3877, -86.6465


Alger Falls
This is a small roadside waterfall just outside of Munising. Worth a quick look when it has water. By mid summer it gets pretty thin.

  • Height: 20ft
  • Water Source: Alger Creek
  • Coordinates:  46.3932, -86.6479


Horseshoe Falls
Horseshoe Falls is a scenic, privately owned waterfall in Munising. There is an admission fee to visit the falls. It is spring fed, so it may be flowing when the other five falls in the area are not.

  • Height: 20ft
  • Water Source: Unnamed Creek
  • Coordinates: 46.4029, -86.6427


Tannery Falls
This is a largely unadvertised waterfall hidden away in Munising. It is not as big as Munising Falls, but if you are in the area and have the time, stop by and visit.

  • Height: 40ft
  • Water Source: Tannery Creek
  • Coordinates:  46.4158, -86.6269


Memorial Falls (Monument Falls)
 This is a pretty waterfall in a pretty gorge, but with limited water flow.

  • Height: 40ft
  • Coordinates:  46.4173, -86.6273


Munising Falls
This is a pretty waterfall and it is easy to visit.

  • Height: 75ft
  • Water Source: Munising Creek
  • Coordinates:  46.4227, -86.6213


Miners Falls
After Munising Falls this is the most accessible of the Pictured Rocks waterfalls. It is an impressive waterfall and easy to get to.

  • Height: 35ft
  • Water Source: Miners Creek
  • Coordinates:  46.4746, -86.5315


Bridal Veil Falls
This tall, seasonal waterfall is best seen from the water. It is one of the many sights on the Pictured Rocks boat cruise, which is worth while even if this falls has little or no water. It can also be seen while hiking along the shore.

  • Height: 140ft
  • Water Source: Unnamed Creek
  • Coordinates:  46.5087, -86.5233


Mosquito Falls
Mosquito Falls is a small waterfall consisting of two main drops about 100 meters apart with a stretch of rapids in between them. The lower drop is about 10 feet high, and the upper one is about 5 feet high. This is the smallest of the named Pictured Rocks waterfalls but it is a very lovely hike, especially in spring when the flowers are out.

  • Height: 13ft
  • Water Source: Mosquito River
  • Coordinates:  46.5162, -86.4778



Chapel Falls
This is a mostly wild waterfall located in Pictured Rocks Backcountry and must be hiked to.

  • Height: 60ft
  • Water Source: Section Creek
  • Coordinates:  46.5289, -86.4443


Spray Falls
This remote and impressive waterfall plunges directly into Lake Superior. It can be seen from the Lakeshore Trail, requiring at least a two mile hike one way.It is best viewed from the lake. 

  • Height: 70ft
  • Water Source: Spray Creek
  • Coordinates:  46.558, -86.4105


Sable Falls
Sable Falls is located in Pictured Rocks National Lake Shore, at the east end of the park a few miles west of Grand Marais on H-58. It is only a half mile walk from the parking area to the falls. These falls are interesting because they are surrounded by sand dunes.

  • Height: 35ft
  • Water Source: Sable Creek
  • Coordinates:  46.6678, -86.0145